One more thing before I go…

Once upon a time our parliamentary system was the model for all others. Now we have reverted to the days of “rotten boroughs” or should it be “rotten politicians”. At least it has taken the heat off the investment bankers who were also guilty of milking the system. Much talk of reform in both spheres

Debtor’s prison

The budget has pretty much killed off any chance of Labour getting another 5 years; not that the odds were very good anyway; or that the Tories would have done much better. Politicians are in denial as are many investors who think it’s all over. Well as much as I would like to believe that,

Stay very nimble…

There seems to be a quiet regaining of confidence in the markets from the January lows; not surprising given the very oversold conditions back then. The huge sums earmarked for government inspired bailouts are slowly improving liquidity and reducing interest rates; the emphasis being on “slowly”. The G20 meeting ended in some sort of consensus

The Great Experiment

The Great Experiment continues with “our” money being spent on any business model claiming to be too big to fail. I have to say, in my “humble” opinion, that Fred Goodwin’s pension is irrelevant given the trillions being thrown into the lame ducks’ pond. There will be a time for retribution but that is in

It’s all in the mind…

The fatal assumption made by many economists, who have now persuaded politicians to believe it too, is that we all act rationally when faced with the same set of circumstances. Rational for whom? Take the myriad bail out programmes being touted by governments and central banks all over the world. They all come with promises

Send in the clowns…

I don’t watch much television these days, but the drama series I have been viewing recently has been enthralling. On Tuesday the great and not so good of the banking industry were taken to task by the Treasury Select Committee and what a “sorry” bunch they were. At least they managed to utter the “S”

Another day – another scandal

This is how politics works in Thailand. Whether it is a general accused of taking bribes for re-equipping the air force with Saab Gripens (although compared with the Al-Yamamah contract – loose change in a bucket) or a lowly official who bought air conditioning units that didn’t work there is always something for the Thai’s

Poll of polls

The voting is over, the result is in and by an overwhelming majority no one has the foggiest idea about what actually comes next, which is a small vote for sanity as those who profess to “know” are due a good “shipwrecking on the laughter of the gods”.  There have however been some excellent ruminations.

All I want for Christmas

Just a small government hand out would do nicely. After all the banks have had largesse pored on them one way or another and now car manufacturers and even hedge funds are getting into the line up. But is this benefiting the average “Joe”? Well some mortgage rates have come down but as with the

“Soul” Searching

 At this “festive” time of year we pundits like to look back on the year that’s gone and ruminate about the one to come. Not that the market cares for calendar years or any other marker in the sand and never has it been so hard to divine the tea leaves, so it is tempting