“Greek bailout agreed”

Where have I read this before? At least three times over my cornflakes in as many weeks. To quote Yogi Berra, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” For the sceptics who believe that markets aren’t manipulated (are there any left?) this is going to come as a blow.  The package “sends a clear message

A paragon of virtue…

So the Greek debt problem has been solved. If Greece finds itself unable to raise money in the bond markets then some combination of IMF/EU funding will kick in (although very loosely specified at this stage), but in that eventuality chaos will already be centre stage. Greece will not be getting any favours from the

Bully for you! February 23rd 2010

It will come as a surprise to those of you who know me well that I was bullied at school; hence my shy, retiring nature… I was a fat child (my body weight index would have been headline news today) and was given the nickname of “Hale the Whale”. Today the “whales” are called PIGS,

The Rain in Spain…

The debate over the legality of the UK government taking the country to war with Iraq is about to be eclipsed by the decision the EU will have to make over bailing out the Greeks. Of the 10 options listed by “Open Europe” (www.openeurope.org.uk/research/greecebailout.pdf) only one is strictly legal; the early release of cohesion funds.

Would you believe it

The one good thing about breaking your leg (do let me know if there are any more…) is that you get lots of time to read those books you always meant to but never found the time. I have just finished Richard Dawkins “God Delusion” which naturally focuses on religion, a topic I am not

Is the balloon going up?

I was taken to task recently for admitting – as if it were a crime – to owning some gold. Gold, I was told, doesn’t produce any income which is the raison d’ for holding any investment; valuation thereof being a “simple” discounted cash flow calculation. It is also easy for the price to be

Day 3

Well we have had everything today. Left France in the wet arrived in Switzerland in the dry and then at Interlaken we hit the mother of thunderstorms. Gotterdammerung in spades!! Sheltered in a bikers café for an hour then went 6000 feet up a pass to the hotel with temperatures near freezing! Beer still going

Day 2

‘ello ‘ello mes petits rosbifs! Ici nous sommes dans la belle Frog somewhere near Strasbourg at the end of day two. Wifi reception has been hopeless so this will be at least 2 days out of date. 300 miles today – no problem – but the beers are going down very well! Switzerland tomorrow and