Deflation / Inflation? What’s next, what’s the answer and tales of the barbarous relic.

Last month we laid out the case for inflation but before we look at ways of insuring against such an outcome we need to accept that we are staring down a possible deflationary bust before we start seeing a general rise in prices. “Money that costs nothing is worth nothing” – we live in an

Inflation: Where is it? Is it a problem?

Here is Powell’s recent Jackson Hole conference speech, in plain English: “There is too much debt in the US and globally. It’s hurting growth. This can be resolved one of two ways: Widespread defaults (including sovereign debt forgiveness) Inflate it away Today we are accelerating option two” So there we have it. The Fed want

We are only human

Behavioural economists have noted that humans do not assess gains and losses in a symmetrical manner. That is, the emotional magnitude of the pleasure of a $10,000 gain is less acute than the pain of a $10,000 loss. But due to recency bias, during raging bull markets of a long enough duration, US stock investors

The View is back!

It’s been nearly 2 years since the last View from the Bridge but rumours of my demise are just that…rumours. All posts will be sent to Twitter – see sidebar details on the right of your screen to follow Or you can subscribe by email for the monthly “thought” piece and a summary of the

Not the Nine o’clock News – 17th December 2017

As long time readers will know we do not put much credence in end of year forecasts; nor in fact forecasts in general; the Fed and the Met Office being stand out examples. As an alternative to what is going to happen in 2018 (“Markets will fluctuate”…attributed to J.P. Morgan) we have put together some memorable