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My name is Bond – November 9th 2015

Bond has been on my mind a lot of late but, unlike many people, it is not the Daniel Craig film but the horror movie – or perhaps the comedy of errors – that is the fixed income sector I have been watching through my fingers. This world is not full of fast cars and vodka martinis – well, perhaps for a few of the fund managers it might be – but the rather more…

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History never repeats…but it rhymes – October 5th 2015

It is not totally clear that Mark Twain ever penned these words and forgive me for using another hackneyed cliche, but it feels like deja vu all over again. The financial crisis from which we are recovering / have recovered depending on which government / talking heads mouthpiece you might care to listen to was preceded by increasing levels of corporate malfeasance, an ever burgeoning level of debt and a laisser faire attitude to problems…



A bear in a China shop – September 7th 2015

The traditionally quiet month of August, when all good city folk should be sunning themselves on the Riviera, has exploded into action. Now that we have high frequency traders running the show, allegedly supplying liquidity, which must be one of the biggest jokes perpetrated on a largely unsuspecting investment community, volatility has been eye watering. From the 23rd to the 28th the Dow Jones Industrial Average moved up and down by a total of 5,612…



Greece isn’t fixed…by a long way – August 12th 2015

Click here to get PDF download Don’t take my word for it. Here are four opinions that come to the same conclusion; the euronauts are living in cloud cuckoo land. ‘It seems to us that the plan rests on initial forecasts for the economy and public finances which are little short of fantasy. Recent survey evidence suggests that the economic impact of capital controls has been catastrophic, with measures of activity collapsing to levels way below…