The View From The Bridge

Would you believe this? – April 24th 2016

If you want one good reason to vote for Brexit, then the TTIP is it.
It’s bad enough having to put up with lies and misinformation from our current European bedfellows, but to be lectured to by some American shows the extent to which the US thinks it rules the world. His admonition over Brexit and the threat of a 10 year “delay” before any trade negotiations can be entertained disguises the real purpose of his visit other than to pat his pet lap dog at No 10 on the head. If we leave the EU, the TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – is dead in the water. His visit to Europe is expressly to ensure that the EU signs up to this trade “agreement” as the legacy of his Presidency – he hasn’t done much else of note to earn himself a lasting place in the history books has he? TTIP? You may be a bit short on details about this little scam, but that has been the deliberate ploy from the outset so pin your ears back, here’s the lowdown courtesy of the Independent.

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A picture is worth a thousand words

Well OK charts not pictures, but getting a visual fix on the markets is helpful for some of us. For others technical analysis is akin to astrology or witchcraft, but I prefer to think of it as an aid to behavioural psychology and we all need help on that front. Doug Kass has an interesting way of summing up the debate. A technical analyst and a fundamental analyst are chatting about the markets in the kitchen. One of them accidentally knocks a kitchen knife off of the table, and it lands right in the fundamental analyst’s foot. The fundamental analyst yells at the technician, asking him why he didn’t catch the…