Market commentary

Albemarle Market Commentary – September 1st 2016

“I and others, have, for several years now, suggested that the primary problem lies with zero/negative interest rates; that not only do they fail to provide an “easing cushion” should recession come knocking at the door, but they destroy capitalism’s business models – those dependent on a yield curve spread or an interest rate that permits a legitimate return on saving, as opposed to an incentive for spending. They also keep zombie corporations alive and inhibit Schumpeter’s “creative destruction” which many argue is the hallmark of capitalism. Capitalism, almost “commonsensically”, cannot function well at the zero bound or with a minus sign as a yield.” Bill Gross – Janus Capital Group Not always the most consistent of commentators, but there is no denying that his latest epistle carries more than a hint of truth. Markets are broken and trying to divine an investment strategy is more akin to going through the card at Newmarket; the odds at the race course will be a lot fairer than the ones currently on offer in bond world. Savers in search of income are being forced into areas which from a risk perspective they wouldn’t normally touch; high yield bonds, emerging market debt, equities and property all of which stand close to all-time highs and are seriously “expensive”, beset with…

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